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Dog-Gone Clean Inc was born from a desire to help dog owners to help their dogs be clean.
But without having to take them out to the back yard to use the hose on them or put them into the bath tub and clog up the drain.
As a great alternative, we thought a dog and people friendly machine would be a great way to help people, their dogs,
and the environment. With our system you get a berry scented shampoo, a flea and tick shampoo,a hair and skin conditioner,
a clear water rinse and two speeds of blow dryer.

These revolutionary high tech machines provide a safe environment to wash and dry your dog
without the hassle of lifting the dog into the tub or kneeling beside it to wash the dog.
The timer on the machines can be activated using bills, coins or tokens.
(Tokens may be purchased on site)

For dogs with allergies, pet owners are encouraged to bring their own shampoo products.

Dog-Gone Clean Inc is a family owned and family operated business where every dog is treated as family.
Come on in and join our family!