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One step at a time. The store sign is up. Now we need to wash the windows! lol
Taken Sept 19, 2014

We've added a bench out front and a fire hydrant (to hold the door open)
Taken October 8, 2014

Our little store front hydrant.
Taken October 6, 2014

We've added a little fireplace to give that homey effect and to warm us on those cold days.
Taken October 6, 2014

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The truck wrap was done by Allegra Awesome job guys!

This was one of our machines on the day of arrival, all wrapped to protect it.

This was after it was uncrated and brought inside.

This is our company logo on the front window.

And on our front wall, welcoming you to our little piece of heaven.

We got new lights above the machines to make the cleaning easier.

Follow the garden path, past the internet café, to your very own little back yard to wash your favorite K9 pal.

A better look at your little private back yard for you and your little pal.

Our Christmas display in the front window.

A close up of the left side.

A close up of the middle.

And a close up of the right side.

Coco the French poodle greets you at the front door, holding flyers and business cards for the weary visitors.

The front yard at the register, lots of puppies under foot.

Internet Café is on the left.

A welcoming glow from the fireplace at the front.

The Christmas tree filled with puppies of all kinds.

That cozy feeling next to the fire.

Another fireplace to warm the passersby.

The rentable groomers table.

The watering hole at the back of the garden.

Nail polish for the puppies on the right.

Spring has sprung in our little garden patch. Flowers are blooming much to our delight.

The flowers are so delightful that even the butterflies have taken up residence.

The leash order finally came in. The display looks pretty cool eh?!

The scale is here and ready to be used. Come one, come all!

Henry has arrived! He is here to showcase some of the coats in the shop. Please stop by and visit with him. :)