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Our Wall of Fame for 2015

Below you will see some of the visitors to our store. Some we have before and after shots so you can see what a difference it makes for them.

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This was Babe's first visit to see us. Her owner commented on her beautiful shine that just got brighter as the day went on.

Caesar came back for another visit. Looking good little buddy!

Yuko, what can we say? You're just such a cutie, clean or dirty!

George was a big guy, but we got him bathed and he looks so handsome. Super Star George!

Lady Reign came in to grace us with her presence. Her royal highness looks fabulous after her bath.

Bear seemed to be more interested in our bird than getting a bath, but doesn't she look just gorgeous after?

Klondike came in and boy does he shine!

Marley came in to start off her new year right, with a bath. Doesn't she look great?

Max was so laid back that he looked like he was going to sleep through his visit.

Fico was such a busy guy it was hard to get him to stand still long enough to get his picture.

Skye says, "nope, I'm not talking to you! Ok, maybe I am. I'm clean and I feel so good now!

Ivory was so tiny she almost seemed to vanish in the tub. But she got lots of cuddles afterwards to make her feel good.

Gizmo was a trooper, he did very well in the bath. Then afterwards he showed everyone just what a good boy he was. He sat perfectly still on the scale.

Luna looked so beautiful after her bath that she just smiled at the camera.

Gus was so eager to go show off once his bath was finished. Doesn't he look handsome?

Blue is getting to be an old pro at this. He was clean and ready to go, but sat for his picture to be taken.

Jax was pretty proud of himself. He got through his bath and dry and had to show off for us.

Lil Bear sat patiently for her after bath treat. Isn't she cute?

Hudson was so focused on his best friend that he didn't have any problem sitting for his picture. Good boy Hudson!

Shadow got so relaxed from her bath that she yawned for the camera. Such a cutie.

Maggie wasn't interested in pictures. She wanted to go play with her new ball.

Apollo came in to get his white cleaned up. Boy what a terrific job making him shine!

Maverick was a cutie when he came in, but he looked like a little fuzz ball when his mom got done grooming him. Adorable!

Troy put our machine through its paces and came out looking great. He's such a huge and cuddly dog isn't he?

Max was a little shy about getting his picture taken, but we assured him that he's gorgeous and the girls will adore him. Right girls?

Stella says, "I know I'm beautiful, but is this my good side?" Yes, Stella, every side is a good side.

Bruno seemed a little distracted during his bath. Was he thinking about his girlfriend?

Chica was almost too quick for us to get her picture. Isn't she just adorable?

Shakira just wanted to show off her beautiful shine and her new bandana. Amazing!

Mocca is such a happy puppy, and so patient while we snapped her picture.

Bear just wanted to go back outside and play, but at least he let us get his picture before he went out.

Angel, Dakota and Patches couldn't let one or the other be the center of attention, so they all posed together. So cute!

Big brother Rex came in without his brother or sisters so he got the limelight to himself. Pretty smart there Rex!

Ruby was so quiet during her bath, and so tolerant as we got her dried. But it was worth it Ruby. You look terrific!

Jack what can we say? You look so adorable and your white sparkles now. Way to go Jack!

"Can we go now Mom, I have a new ball to chew on!" Yes Benny, you can go chew on your new ball. Come on back and see us again. :)

Duvel was afraid that if he took his eyes off Stella she would leave without him. But not to worry boy, she was right next door getting the full treatment too. You both look great!

Another Stella came to visit us and went home squeaky clean. Wow, what a beautiful girl!

Dante came in looking for a relaxing bath. He got what he was looking for and he looks like a million bucks!

Cassius was such a bundle of energy when he came in that it was hard to get his picture. After his bath he was all relaxed and ready to chew Bella's deer antler. "Come on dad, give it to me!"

Lila was such a sweetheart. A little timid, but sweet none the less. It was awesome visiting with her.

Wow, talk about a gorgeous guy! Girl dogs beware, he will still your hearts!

"You're going to do what?" Not to worry Bucks, the bath feels good! Actually Bucks did so well with his bath and dry that he is ready to come back already.

"Well? What are we waiting for?" Don 't you worry Stiggy, we will have you bathed and looking like a million dollars in no time!

Mischa, where are you? All I see is soap bubbles! Oh, there you are you gorgeous little princess!

Hunter, we took away all that dirt that was insulating you! Ok Mom, we're getting a coat!

Duke came in to try out the bath tubs. He was having fun playing with the bubbles. Afterwards he looked so soft and fluffy he could almost pass as a pillow. :)

Payton came in looking more like an Ewok from star wars than a dog, but a bath and a trim later he looks so handsome!

Nikki came in needing a bath, but what she got seemed to really please her. She got the royal treatment. A massage with the shampoo and a good dose of TLC to go with it. She left looking like royalty!

JoJo was so quick with his bath that we didn't even have time to get a picture taken. But we did catch him on the groomers table where mom just finished brushing him out. You look amazing JoJo!

Jasmine and Maverick were definitely in need of a bath and a brushing. They look so cute after their baths. They almost look like little toys!

Scampy was just not in the mood for a bath and cried for daddy to get him out of there. But when everything was finished and he was all brushed out, he looked so handsome! It was worth it all Scampy to be so good looking!

Jimmer was such a laid back little guy. It was fun getting him all cleaned up and dried. Wow, what a gorgeous face!

Here we have Duchess enjoying the warm blow dry after her bath. You definitely look like royalty there Duchess! Beautiful!

Rex is so tiny that the tub seemed to swallow him up. But he just looks so delightful after his bath that we had to pick him up and hug him.

Coco came in feeling a little down because she was a bit dirty. But after a bath and a trim she was one happy camper. Look at that smile on her face!

Shelby took a little time out to play with Bella's toy before her bath. Then after she sat so patiently on the groomers table getting the final touches. Doesn't she look terrific?

Here Daisy is getting a makeover after her bath. But after, we all sat around admiring her beauty and forgot to take another picture. Next time Daisy, we will show off your good looks. :)

Eli sat patiently through his bath just waiting to shine. After his bath, he looks like a movie star!

Hazel came in a bit dusty, but after her bath you can see her shining. And look at that happy face!

Riley is such a cutie that it was impossible to not love him on sight. But he's even cuter after his bath.

Peakachew came in for a quick bath to clean up his act. He sure is a sweetheart and so shiney clean!

Suzie was a little nervous at first, but once she figured out that the water was warm and soothing, she settled in for her bath. Then after, she got her weight taken to make sure her diet was working. You look great Suzie!

Target was such a cute little guy, it was hard to tear ourselves away to take pictures, so we have just the one. But boy, isn't he a cutie?

Trixie wasn't sure if she was going to like her bath, but she accepted it as well worth the effort when she was hearing all the aawww's after she was finished. Such a sweetheart.

Chimo came in looking like a huge ball of matted fur, when he left he looked so cuddly and cute. Oh, sorry Chimo, you looked so handsome. :)

Regan was just so adorable that we completely forgot to get his before bath picture. But he knows how to strut his stuff after getting all cleaned up, doesn't he?!

Izzy is a proud boy and didn't want anyone to see him before his bath and trim. But after, go ahead girls, you can drool now.

Daisy seems to be looking for someone. Could it be she's looking for her brother Timmins?

Oh Daisy, this is why you couldn't find Timmins, he's up on the table showing off his new bandana.

Buddy came in for a bath and a little off the top. He wears the fluffy look well, don't you think?

Miko seems to be telling his little brother Skipper, "Sshh, don't tell anyone, but I really liked my bath." Not to worry Miko, your secret is safe with us.

Rosie came in with her pal Payton to get a bath and a trim. Boys, look out, there's a heart breaker out today.

Cotton came in looking for a fluff job to make him look bigger and stronger. Do you think we achieved his goal? Adorable, right?!

Barkley had an encounter with a skunk so he came in to visit us and see if he could leave the awful smell behind. He left smelling much better. :)

These two came in and couldn't decide if they really wanted a bath or not. But mom and dad insisted and look at the results. Two handsome pups ready for the girls.

Sonic was late for a date with his girlfriend or something. As soon as he was done with his bath and blow dry he was out of here. Wait for a picture? No chance, I'm late!

Jacoby just wanted to impress all of us with what a good boy he was. He accomplished his goals, he was a super good boy and sat so still for the bath and blow dry. Well done boy.

Mickie seems to be telling his mom the bath is nice and warm and he likes it. And boy doesn't it show after he got dried and brushed. What a looker!

After a long walk to get here Higgins was ready for a nice relaxing bath. When he was ready to leave he was sparkling clean, refreshed and ready for the walk home.

Duke sang us a song throughout his bath, but decided he really liked the blow dry better so he just hummed along. You look great Duke!

Teddy came in with that rugged look. He wanted to impress the girls so he got a bath and a trim. Wow Teddy, you look so handsome now!

Paco, Sumo and Prada all came in together to learn what Dog Gone Clean Inc was all about. Their adoring public was waiting for them and they forgot to pose for our after bath pictures. Oh well, next time.

Daisy Duke patiently sat through her bath and dry, knowing that it would soon be party time! Look out boys!

Aili came in for a bath and a brush so she could look great for her mom and dad. I think you did it little lady, you look awesome!

Seamus came in to get cleaned up for the girls. Oh my, Seamus, you look fabulous!

Boomer wasn't sure what to expect when he came in. But judging from the pictures it would seem his dad was enjoying it more than he was.

Oh Bauer, why the sad face? As soon as you leave the girls will be lining up to love on you. You're so handsome!

Diesel came in out of curiosity but decided that he really liked it here. After his bath he was more than willing to show off his best side for the picture.

Harvey, mom says you've been playing in the mud. Time for a bath! It looks like Harvey is telling mom to take him home now so she can get cleaned up too.

Cash came in to wash off the dust of play. Wow! Cash you look like a million bucks!

Nitza came in to get pampered a little before she dashed out again to see her adoring public. She was in such a hurry she forgot to pose for her after picture.

Mason came in with strict orders from the vet to relax and take it easy. Oh boy, Mason you look amazing!

Mom, I worked so hard to get that dirt on me and you took it all away. Now I'm not gonna look at you. Nope, not gonna happen!

Oh Jackson, you are such a baby. The bath is great! Look at me, I look awesome! Yes Lilly, you look amazing. :)

Max came in for a trim and a bath. Doesn't he look like a new dog? Way to go Max!

Bear came in with Max to shed some of that winter fuzz and get cleaned up for the girls. Doesn't he look amazing?!

Sharlee was so shy that we missed her before picture. But not to worry, we caught her in the act of leaving. You look amazing little girl, so go out there and wow the boys!

Tito was feeling a little dusty so he came in for a quick bath and blow dry. Wow Tito, you cleaned up pretty good!

What? I'm dirty? Oh my, I guess I need to do something about that! Ok, get your sunglasses on, I'm squeaky clean and shiney now mom!

Dingo came in fresh from playing in the mud. Oh what a difference a good bath and blow dry make. Dingo you're so clean! I wonder how long it will last?!

Princess wasn't too sure she wanted the bath. But afterwards she was enjoying the attention and the pampering.

Jedi heard tales of our warm inviting baths so she came in to try it out for herself. After, she was so relaxed that she had to lay down for her picture.

Uh oh, Rex we missed your before picture! But you look truly amazing after your bath and a good brushing.

Diesel looks like he is ready to go to sleep during his bath. But mention his free ball after and that got him excited. You look so handsome Diesel!

Trina came in for a bath and we couldn't help but admire those beautiful blue eyes. After her bath we just had to get another picture to show them off. Gorgeous girl with amazing eyes!

Jazz from J & J Elite Retreat heard about our baths so he decided to come check it out. He gave us his paws of approval. :)

Steeler came in to get ready for his hot date with the couch. You did great Steeler, I think you're ready now.

Bonsai was feeling a little dusty and wanted his white to sparkle so he came in to see us. I think he achieved his goal, don't you?

Friday couldn't let his brother have all the fun so he came in for a bath too. Look out world Friday is here to shine!

Max was such a playful little guy that we completely forgot to take his before picture. But he came out looking pretty handsome don't you think?!

Milo came in looking for a relaxing bath. I'd say he got what he was looking for. See how relaxed he looks? And his white just sparkles.

Bailey was very vocal while he was having his bath. It seems he likes to sing in the shower. Afterwards he seemed to be a little tired so he just sat there smiling after his bath. You look gorgeous Bailey!

Kiwi came in to try out the bath system. She seems to approve of the body massage during the bath. And she seems to be pretty happy with the outcome after the bath.

Rocky sat patiently waiting for his bath while everyone chatted. Afterwards he seems to be asking, "it's over?" For this time, yes Rocky, it's over. But come on back and we can do it again next time. :)

Rufus was a little camera shy when he came in. But after his bath he was much happier facing his adoring fans. Look at that face!

Ella was so camera shy that we just could not get a before picture. But she gave us a good profile picture after her bath. What a beauty!