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Our Wall of Fame for 2014

Below you will see some of the visitors to our store. Some we have before and after shots so you can see what a difference it makes for them.

This was one dirty dog, but with our help he cleaned up his act. :)

Here are Niam, Micky, Loki and Bailey after their baths. Lookin good guys!

Diesel was our free bath drawing winner. Doesn't he look handsome after his bath?

Caesar is still just a puppy, but you can never start too soon teaching them the importance of regular baths.

Klondike loves his bath so why not share, bring a buddy. Bruno you got elected!

Lola shows off her best side after her bath.

Nakita wasn't too sure about her bath time but once she was done she shows off a little.

Hey Mom, look at me! You can see my toes again!

Buddy stretches out to enjoy the blow dry after his bath.

Floppy is so proud of how clean he looks!

Daisy wasn't too sure about taking a bath, but enjoyed the playtime after.

Viper didn't seem to mind the bath. He wants to shine for the girls. :)

Spinner, you look so handsome, and you smell so good now!

Karma and Koda enjoying their baths.

Karma and Koda enjoyed their bath so much they want to go do it again!

Nyx showing off her shiney coat after her bath.

Rudy showing how well she cleaned up. Mud dog to Princess in no time flat!

Tarazan enjoys the attention, bringing out his gorgeousness

Marshall says, do what you must. Hey Mom, don't I look handsome?

Bindi wasn't too sure at first, but shows off her shine after her bath.

Diesel showing us he's a perfect gentleman

Roman says, hey look, I'm all fluffy and clean mom!

Holy cow! Reilly almost looks like a different dog!

Hey, I'm clean again! Mom you can hug me again too, I smell good!

Finn cleaned up his act and is now a happy camper.

Zoey is ready to go play after her bath.

Jack is relaxing after his bath.

Jersey showing off how clean she is now.

Charlie was a little nervous at first, but he quickly settled right in. Now look how clean he is!

Make sure you get my good side. Boy don't I look gorgeous?

Dillon couldn't let Reilly best him, so he came in for a bath too. Look at that sweet face!

Taiga, Lexie and Ben were mud from top to bottom. Now look!

Lola was so excited about Santa coming that she had to have a bath first.

Georgie says, do you think Santa will recognize me now that I'm so squeaky clean?

Leaf started out a little nervous, but by the time he was finished he was a happy camper.

Baxter got so excited about getting cleaned up for Santa, then he wanted to go find him.

Tucker is getting to be an old pro at getting bathed. He looks amazing.

Syrus looks like a totally different dog after having his bath.

Peaches loves her new shiney coat and wishes everyone a Merry Christmas.

Louise told us all her troubles while she got bathed. After, she ran in happy circles without a care in the world.

Lobo shared his joy with all in attendance, giving us a shower too. But he looked so cute after, who could scold him?

Spinner worked so hard at getting dirty, then wanted to sleep through his bath. But doesn't he look great?

Mia was such a lady during her bath and afterwards. It was a pleasure having her in.

The pack played hard and needed a bath to clean up their act. Didn't they do a great job?

Diesel loves to roll in the mud just so he can come visit with us. Such a ham!

Dexter and Nala looked so muddy, but their beauty shines through after their bath.

Taz was so excitable, but he looks great after he settled down.

Cane and Gemma came in to share their Christmas cheer with us. Such cute faces.

Raegan was such a good girl for her bath. We hope to see her again soon.

Black is so handsome, so a bath just made him look even more handsome.

Milo was a bit scared of the machine at first, but once he got in there and felt that warm water he just melted.

Titus was so quiet the whole time. He just stood there and soaked up all the attention.

Roxy came in for her first bath in 5 years. She went home looking like a new dog.

Blue came in from the park covered in mud. He enjoyed his bath and went home looking wonderful.

I think Rudy must have taken a mud bath before coming to see us. But she left her mud behind and went home sparkling clean.

Gretchen and Hugo came to visit us today. They left looking like stars from Hollywood

Jasmine is just so cute, before and after.

Frankie came in to test our machines. He loved his bath and looked so handsome afterwards.

Maximus was a trooper and sat through the wash and dry. But doesn't he look super?

Onyx just wanted to be like his brother so he could show off his good looks too.

Jemma patiently waited through the wash, but the dry she wasn't too happy with. She wanted the natural dried look instead.

Shadow sat through the wash and dry, patiently waiting to let her natural beauty shine through. Boys, you can look, but don't touch!